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House Hunting-Part 1

My husband and I have been married about a year and we have finally saved up enough for a down payment on a house. We have decided this is necessary and desirable for many reasons, including:

  • Our apartment complex doesn’t keep up with maintenance
  • Many of our neighbors are unpleasant and smoke under our windows
  • Our lease is up the end of July and we need to make a decision soon
  • We would like more space
  • We want a place to get away from everyone else to relax
  • We want something that we can make ours and possibly raise a family in

We began looking about a month ago. Most of what we looked at is either a) too small, b) in a bad neighborhood, or c) too expensive-pick 2. What we really want is some land to garden and space to have a lot of people over. Most of what we found are small ranches in the suburbs near where we grew up. They are fine but not really what we want.

Finally we found a place that we really liked. It was a repo in the country on some land. It had everything we wanted and then some. Plenty of room to garden and put in an orchard, and a huge garage for our toys. It needed some major work, but all stuff we could do.


Yeah, I know, it is kinda ugly and it actually looks worse in person, but it has great potential.

So, we got preapproved for a mortgage just in time. Our preapproval was for less than I had hoped, but what I thought was a realistic number for us. Then we put in an offer on it. Unfortunately, ours was one of multiple offers. Then we waited.

And waited.

Finally we heard back…and we didn’t get it.

After a few days I returned to my senses. No we have another list of ranches in the suburbs to look at tonight because nothing else is available in our price range. None look exciting, but something may be sufficient. Wish us luck.


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