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Another One

We looked at another house. It was in a nice neighborhood and it was big enough. Most of the rooms were nice sized, except the kitchen. The kitchen needed to be gutted and expanded through the dining room, which would then be moved to the living area (with a fireplace) next to it. It would be really pretty fabulous when completed, but a lot of work and money.

The yard was unimpressive. It was pretty small and went uphill in the back. It did have this little gem, though.


At one time this was a very nice, insulated place with electricity and everything. Unfortunately, that was a while ago and it has fallen into disrepair.

The basement had some interesting surprises, like this crawl space under the kitchen:


As much as I would like to see what interesting things could be found in there, I am a bit afraid to look. There was also this mess in the ceiling, but that is pretty common.


Overall, the house had potential, but needed a lot of work and was too expensive to begin with. Mostly, we just didn’t love it. The next one is on Monday and we will see, though I am not optimistic about it.


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Maybe…but no

We looked at a house last week. Twice. It was really nice. It had most of what we wanted and the price could probably be negotiated into our range. Unfortunately, the layout was a bit odd. The bedrooms and closets were small. Upstairs had sloped ceilings, making it much less useful. The basement had great potential to make up for it, but in the end I couldn’t figure out where to put the pantry or any unrefrigerated food on the same floor as the kitchen. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Maybe we will come back to this one, but it seems unlikely. We are looking at one or two more tonight.

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House Hunting-The Reset

Things have been interesting, yet mostly uneventful on the house-hunting front. We had to renew our lease until the end of November, so now we have a bit more time to find something. Hopefully that is enough. Also, after a bit of looking we have a new team of realtors that we are very happy with.

We took a little vacation from looking at houses but the search resumed Monday with three more interesting candidates.

House 1:


The first house was a repo in a nice neighborhood with an attractive price. Once it had had a pool, now it just has a crater. Also, that deck is not attached to the house, so it is pretty much useless for anything other than a pool. THe house also had shuffleboard in the basement…


I’m not sure how to play with the wall in the middle of it, but it could be interesting.

This house had several cracks in the foundation and needed more work than we could do/afford while living in it, so we moved on to the next.

House 2:

This house was the most interesting of the bunch. It was built in 1919 and had a lot of charm. It also had a lot of light fixtures on pull chains and was almost next door to a Walgreens. Its most interesting feature was the upstairs bathroom with the astroturf-colored green carpet.


Words cannot describe how green this is and the picture doesn’t do it justice.

Long story short, this house would be fine. We may still consider it, but neither of us are as excited about it as we should be to spend this much money.

House 3:

This house was an experience. The residents didn’t actually leave while we walked through it…because they were busy smoking their hookah in the dining room. And I’m pretty sure someone was asleep in one of the beds. There was too much stuff crammed into the house to even see what it looked like, which made it obvious that the residents (and I suspect tenants) had no intention of leaving any time soon.

We did see enough of this house to spot several structural issues. It also had these beautiful walls around the driveway to keep the yard from caving in.


Unfortunately, it looks like they may not hold for long. This one was an easy decision.

On to the next.

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