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House Hunting-Part 3

Last Friday morning we went and looked at 3 more houses. I even remembered my camera this time so I can show you some of the interesting things we saw.

House 1

The first house was by far the most interesting. It was recently renovated and looked like a well-done flip. It was probably the nicest thing we had seen yet in our price range, though it did have some interesting parts. Like this closet.


It is about a foot deep before the shelves. Obviously it was meant more for hiding structure than for storage. Most of the house was painted in neutrals and light pastels. Then there was this upstairs bathroom.


Wow color! It is actually kind of fun and cheerful. Hopefully it even wakes you up enough that you don’t walk into the ceiling (yes this is taken looking straight into the doorway).

We did consider putting in an offer on this house. It is really nice. It would work fine, but in the long run, we really weren’t excited about it. So, onto the next.

House 2

We entered the second house though the garage and were greeted by this:


That is a dog enclosure with a permanent opening to the dog run outside. It was even still full of straw and waiting for the dog we don’t have.

As we entered it was instantly obvious that the dog was not entirely confined to this area, as the dog smell inside was extremely strong-strike one. We were also greeted with the kitchen with the stove in the middle of it.


There was also an in-wall oven that seemed to be from the 60s or 70s and was not well taken care of-strike 2.

Then there was the lavender bathroom.


I didn’t even know they made counters in this color. The tub had matching tile and even a matching built-in soap dish. Between this and the odd floor plan we had strike three.

House 3

The third house was built in 1900. We looked around the grounds first. The large shed was totally rotten and being held up by one beam. The bottom foot of the garage was rotten all the way around, as that is where all the runoff for the property runs through.

Then we thought we would check out the yard as it was described so nicely-

“Private waterfront Home, on almost an acre…sits on Plaster Creek with a small pond. It has a view that is hard to find anywhere. There is a patio for entertaining that overlooks the beautiful backyard and giant maple tree. With a long sloping private hill, that you can roll down in the summer, and slide down in the winter.”

So this means that there is a small back yard with a mostly useless steep sloping part going down to a stagnant pond. We never saw the creek. We also didn’t notice a maple, but there was a big walnut dropping stuff on the small usable space. There was also a great scenic view of the business right next door.

Fine. Unlikely, but we thought we would give the house a try. After all, it has “hardwood floors throughout”. We walked in and were greeted by this:


The whole house was sloping in various directions, it has a lot of rough edges, the rooms are small, and lighting seems to be optional.

We are still looking, but as of this morning there was nothing new on the market. We need to renew our lease by the end of this week if we don’t find anything. It seems like time is against us. It is looking like our best option is to hope to get a short lease, wait a little bit, and then start over.


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House Hunting-Part 2

We looked at the houses last night, and nothing really surprised us.

The first house was the best. It would have been ok, but it was at the top of our price range and too close to neighbors. It was also just like the house my husband grew up in, and only a couple houses from it. Mostly we were neutral about it and we would like a house we actually like. It went downhill from there.

The second house was the same price as the first. It only had a 1 stall garage that was maybe 6 feet tall and a single lane driveway. It was on a hill so there were steps everywhere (which mube fun in the winter). We didn’t really like the layout and it just felt wrong.

The third house was in a neighborhood we didn’t like and it had a horrible smell. Mostly wet dog with kids and a cat thrown in for good measure. It gave me a headache that lasted the rest of the night. The house is currently a daycare and it has a strange floor plan.

The fourth house was on a nice double lot, but too shady to garden well. The neighborhood was iffy and the commute would have been horrible. As for the house, it really needs to be torn down and started over. To be fair, it was only $70,000. We decided to get out of the basement before it fell down around us. Otherwise, I did like the kitchen cabinets.

I guess we keep looking. Lets see if we find anything before we have to re-sign our least by the end of the month.

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House Hunting-Part 1

My husband and I have been married about a year and we have finally saved up enough for a down payment on a house. We have decided this is necessary and desirable for many reasons, including:

  • Our apartment complex doesn’t keep up with maintenance
  • Many of our neighbors are unpleasant and smoke under our windows
  • Our lease is up the end of July and we need to make a decision soon
  • We would like more space
  • We want a place to get away from everyone else to relax
  • We want something that we can make ours and possibly raise a family in

We began looking about a month ago. Most of what we looked at is either a) too small, b) in a bad neighborhood, or c) too expensive-pick 2. What we really want is some land to garden and space to have a lot of people over. Most of what we found are small ranches in the suburbs near where we grew up. They are fine but not really what we want.

Finally we found a place that we really liked. It was a repo in the country on some land. It had everything we wanted and then some. Plenty of room to garden and put in an orchard, and a huge garage for our toys. It needed some major work, but all stuff we could do.


Yeah, I know, it is kinda ugly and it actually looks worse in person, but it has great potential.

So, we got preapproved for a mortgage just in time. Our preapproval was for less than I had hoped, but what I thought was a realistic number for us. Then we put in an offer on it. Unfortunately, ours was one of multiple offers. Then we waited.

And waited.

Finally we heard back…and we didn’t get it.

After a few days I returned to my senses. No we have another list of ranches in the suburbs to look at tonight because nothing else is available in our price range. None look exciting, but something may be sufficient. Wish us luck.

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