Easy DIY Drawer Dividers

We have been doing a lot of projects on our new house and this wasn’t the first, but it is one of my favorites. As my friends well know, I have a soft spot for kitchen gadgets and I work in a place where I can sometimes get some deals on them so I have a substantial collection.

The kitchen has four big, wide drawers and I filled one of them with utensils and gadgets. Unfortunately, they were just big and open and impossible to keep straight. Ever since I found this post on Pinterest, I knew what I had to do.

I went to a few home improvement stores and finally found what I needed at Home Depot. They had some beautiful poplar “hobby boards”. They are 1/4″ thick x 4″ wide and 4 feet long and cost $3.96 each.


I looked at my drawer and the way we had it laid out. Some frequently used things stayed in the same place all the time so it was easy to find spots. The other items I sorted by type and planned out where they should go. I got the first couple boards in place and realized I had forgotten to take a before picture. The front items were here before, so picture it without the dividers in place.


It made for a pretty impressive mess. After planning the drawer out, I got my boards and began cutting. Since we don’t have any fancy saws yet, I borrowed my dad’s miter block and saw and got to cutting.


Do not try this like this at home. I am amazed that I avoided sawing the counter and I still have all my fingers. I also highly suggest a real saw. It would be much easier and probably cut straighter.

Anyway, After I cut the boards, I drew a line in the drawer where I wanted them to go. Then I fired up my hot glue gun and put a bead of glue along this line. **Whoever thought of this is a genius. The glue holds securely and can be peeled off if you want to change it.** Then I quickly put the board in place before the glue dried and put more glue around it to fill in the cracks.


I just kept doing this until all the dividers were in place. I only had two small hangups. 1) the glue gun jammed half way through and I had to un-jam it. 2) The saw was old and dull and I had to call Dad for some tips to use it better before my arm fell off from trying too hard. Eventually I finished, though.


Isn’t it a thing of beauty? Then, all I had to do was put everything into place. I even found that I had more room and could fit in several more larger items like the egg slicer, cherry pitter, and mango splitter (yes, I really use all of these)!!!


And here it is in all of its glory. Now when I need something I know where to look and don’t have to dig for several minutes to find it. I think I may try this in my bathroom drawer next.


I know I haven’t posted in way too long. We got the house! We are moved in and everything is going well. We have made several updates that I hope to be posting about soon.

Between moving and the holidays, things have been very busy. We hosted Thanksgiving for some of our immediate family just three weeks after closing on the house. A month later we hosted the Christmas party for his mom’s side of the family. Crazy? Yes, but it was really fun and proved that the house can easily take a crowd. We truly hope that this will be a home regularly filled with family and friends.

Updates, modifications, and maintenance to the house have been an ongoing project. We have done a few little projects but have many more to go. We walked through the house room by room with a notebook. Each room has a page and we listed all long and short-term projects we would like to do for each room. It is a bit daunting to say the least. Most of the projects require more funding than we have now. Mostly, we are waiting for some warmer temperatures to get started. It should be exciting!

Busy, busy, busy

This week has be extremely busy. Thankfully, I had already taken it as a vacation week from work because I had to use up time, so the timing is perfect.

We talked to the lender and are in the process of signing paperwork. We talked to our insurance agent and are getting quotes. Our lender, realtor, insurance agent, and inspector are all talking amongst themselves. Hopefully the title companies are in there somewhere too. We have had to make several calls to verify details and put together our team, but mostly they have handles the worst of it for us. Thankfully, everyone working for us is really great and things seem to be going surprisingly smoothly.

Mostly, everything hinged on the inspection (sounds ominous, doesn’t it?). The inspection was pretty much the make or break part of this deal and it was this morning. Yes, there were some small issues, but nothing big and ugly like we feared. Yes, the foundation is leaking a little, but it is fixable and may be under warranty. Even if it isn’t, it isn’t that hard or expensive to fix and the inspector wasn’t that worried about it. Everything is fairly easily fixable and none of it would prohibit us moving in immediately.

Now we have to decide if we want to ask the seller for a concession to fix stuff or not. It would be nice to lower the price, but we don’t want to risk them backing out of the deal and going with the other offer. Especially since the fixes shouldn’t be a huge hit to our budget.

After that we have to wait on paperwork. Thankfully we are taking a vacation day tomorrow to relax and regroup…and start planning the move. The closing may be in as little as 22 days. We better start packing soon.



Friday was an extremely stressful day. We had our offer in Thursday night, but word came there was another offer that was higher. We upped ours, but theirs was still higher. So, we upped ours again to the top of our range. Theirs was still about $5000 higher at the asking price. However, we have a conventional mortgage and they have a FHA, which is a lot more hassle.

Then we waited. Friday night we got the call that our bid had been accepted over the other because the seller needed the process to be as quick and easy as possible. There was much rejoicing and a huge sigh of relief.

We signed the counter offer at the updated price on Saturday. The inspection is scheduled for Wednesday morning. We are waiting on processing of the financing, but we are all hoping to close on the 30th. Now we wait and hope the inspection goes well and has no huge surprises.

Finally-An Offer

Last night we put in an offer on a house! It is actually the house from this post. I know we had decided against it, but we just couldn’t stop thinking about it and comparing everything else to it. Yes, the bedrooms are small, but we won’t be living in the bedrooms. The living area is huge and it has great storage. So, who wants to see pictures?

The Main Floor:


There is a really nice kitchen and we are planning building a breakfast nook into the lighted corner under the window (originally the dining room).


This (originally the living room) will be a large dining room, great for inviting over many people. The Christmas tree will also go here. So what becomes the living room, you ask? How about the “mudroom”?


Someone finished this space into a great media room with a vaulted ceiling. The other wall has a bay window with a bench overlooking the front yard. This is also where the 2 stall garage attaches.


There is a nice work area, plenty of space, and storage in the rafters. It really needs a new door and windows, but we can do that. This door goes out to the spacious back yard.


This is where my garden will be and a couple fruit trees will fit on the other side. There is also a deck.


It doesn’t look like much, but it is nice to have. Now for those small bedrooms.


This is the closet are of the master bedroom. There is room for a queen bed, 2 nightstands, and not much else. There is also another slightly smaller small bedroom that apparently I didn’t take any pictures of. There is also a full bath on this floor.


There is a third bedroom upstairs, AKA our office. The ceiling slopes so tall furniture will not fit anywhere in this room. The window faces west and overlooks the neighborhood, perfect for watching storms roll in.


Upstairs also features this nook. It is about 5’11” at the peak, so it is an unusual space. We are planning on building in a bookcase on the left wall, adding bean bag chairs, and making it a reading nook.


The upstairs has a bathroom with this very interesting shower. Apparently enclosures are optional. But the upstairs closet makes up for it.


It is hard to get a picture of, but it is at least 10 feet deep and will hold a ton of stuff.


The basement is partly finished.



This huge space will be a craft/all purpose room. It may also become a living room. Mostly it is just useful. This connects to the great laundry room.



It isn’t pretty, but it is spacious and will also house my pantry and canning supplies. Mostly, it has a laundry room-such a luxury. Behind that is the shop.


A nice work area, even if it is partly under water. This looks to be an easy fix and if it gets the price down, we are more than happy to deal with a small puddle.

So, that is it. It isn’t huge or extravagant, but it is plenty for us and it is in our budget. We really like it and it is much better than what we have now. Many of the spaces are flexible so it can change with our needs. Now we just have to wait and pray that our offer is accepted. Thank you to all who are praying with us. We appreciate all of you greatly.

Three More

This was not a good day for house hunting. We had to have my bunny, Bubba, put down and finding a house was not exactly my biggest concern at the time. On top of that, work was extremely long and stressful.


House 1:

It was a house. The kitchen was tiny and the bedrooms were small. The back yard was too shady to garden well. The most interesting thing about this house was the massive plant in the front yard. Anyone know what it is?


Honestly, I don’t even remember much about this house. Mostly, it didn’t feel right and I didn’t like it.

House 2:

This house looked better in pictures than in person. The neighborhood wasn’t great and a tornado recently took out the fence. This gave a lovely view of the neighbor’s yard, which is not likely to end up in a magazine any time soon. This one also boasted its own orange barrels.


I don’t know what they are doing; I don’t want to know. Again, small bedrooms and the “screened in porch” was ugly and left a lot to be desired.

House 3:

This one was kind of fun. First off, the utilities were shut off so we got to see it by flashlight. It had some great retro elements, like this radio in the kitchen


And this intercom system


It even had two showers in the basement.



Plus this very colorful toilet!


Guess what? More small bedrooms. And signs of significant water in the basement. Looks like we get to keep looking.

Another One

We looked at another house. It was in a nice neighborhood and it was big enough. Most of the rooms were nice sized, except the kitchen. The kitchen needed to be gutted and expanded through the dining room, which would then be moved to the living area (with a fireplace) next to it. It would be really pretty fabulous when completed, but a lot of work and money.

The yard was unimpressive. It was pretty small and went uphill in the back. It did have this little gem, though.


At one time this was a very nice, insulated place with electricity and everything. Unfortunately, that was a while ago and it has fallen into disrepair.

The basement had some interesting surprises, like this crawl space under the kitchen:


As much as I would like to see what interesting things could be found in there, I am a bit afraid to look. There was also this mess in the ceiling, but that is pretty common.


Overall, the house had potential, but needed a lot of work and was too expensive to begin with. Mostly, we just didn’t love it. The next one is on Monday and we will see, though I am not optimistic about it.

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